Sunday , 8 November 2009
By: Casandra Thompson


The Speyside High School held its first Art Appreciation Week from November 2 to November 6.

School principal Sherry-Anne Rollock-Hackett said their mandate was to present the students with a dynamic curriculum that is alive and real. Rollock-Hackett said the idea for the event emanated from teacher Tomely Roberts of the Visual Arts department. “The goal of this week’s activities was really to bring to the students their artistic creativity because we want our citizens to be creative. With creativity comes innovation and this is what we want to stimulate in our children,” Rollock-Hackett said.

She also told the students to recognise that God had blessed them with talent and ability and there was a place in society for them. Rollock-Hackett urged the students to use this event to pursue their artistic career. Rollock-Hackett said at the school art was valued as all other topic areas. “One of the things we are trying to do, too, is to make the students recognise that art is an important subject as any other subject area on the curriculum,” she said.

For the entire week, the students were exposed to different genres of the arts including painting, basketry, air brushing, plastic craft, drawing, leather craft, printmaking, textiles, and video production. Roberts said the Visual Arts Exhibition and Art Appreciation Week was a success. He hopes that this venture is adopted by all schools in the nation. Artist Leroy Clarke delivered the feature address, while Chief Secretary Orville London paid a special visit to the school to get a glimpse of the students’ work. London said he was completely blown away and impressed with the quality of work done by the student.